Sexual Fantasy No 23 September 1985

Sexual Fantasy No 23 September 1985

Free Download Complete PDF Sexual Fantasy No 23 Cum With Us and Artistic Affair Color Climax Vintage Danish Porn Magazine

Adrien met Melina at a garden-party, and invited her back to his place later the same afternoon. He told her that he’d like her to see his collection of modern paintings, but of course, that was just a ploy to get into her pants… He had the idea that it was up to him to make the first move, but got quite a shock when the eager Greek girl opened her legs and revealed a “contemporary masterpiece” of her own! Things happened very quickly from then on. All that Adrien could hope for was that Melina was fond of sodomy, considering the part of the world she came from!

Very soon, the French fucker found out that Melina wasn’t at all interested in the “Greek Art”. Slyly he had tried to adjust his position so that he could slide his glans into her puckered carnation like arsehole. But Melina had whispered: “Oh no! darling! it hurts me …!“ Adrian didn’t feel cheated because, her cunt which milked his dick as they both orgasmed was tight as a young arsehole anyway!

Sexual Fantasy No 23 September 1985
English, German, French | PDF | 32 Pages | 41 MB


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