Sex Orgies in Color No 08 (1969)

Sex Orgies in Color No 08 (1969)

Sex Orgies in Color No 08 Great Pictures, Beautiful Girls, Fantastic Sex Orgies The real thing from Color Climax

Unpaginated [32ppp., including covers], illustrated throughout with hardcore color photos. Three white women and two black men have a wild orgy!

Color Climax Corporation is a Danish pornography producer headquartered in Copenhagen founded by the Theander brothers. It had been one of the leading producers of European pornography up until the 1990s. Since then, CCC has recessed most of its assets, but because its earlier works attract admirers of classic pornography, CCC still functions today via the Internet.

Initially the company published various one-off magazines with titles such as Carnaby Kinks, Young Lesbians, and Fuck Around the Clock before settling on a series of numbered titles. These were produced in A5 format, consisted of full-color photographs, and typically featured five or six photo sets of around ten pages each; each set would be accompanied by a short descriptive text. While not all the titles ran concurrently, subject matter from magazine to magazine frequently overlapped. Many themes, such as big bust, interracial, uniform, or ethnically themed sets would appear in any title, dependent on the activity being performed rather than the participants.

Sex Orgies in Color No 08 (1969)
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