Sex o'M Anal No 02 January 1982

Sex o’M Anal No 02 January 1982

Sex o’M Anal No 02 January 1982
English, German, French, Dutch | PDF | 64 Pages | 124 MB

Sex o’M Anal No 02 From 80s Vintage Porn PDF Magazine Published By Silwa. Content Is The Same As Rosette No 03 Issue

The girlfriends give it to every cock they can get hold of. Expertly they work any rod until it shoots off the very last drop. Their cunts are dripping wet, and their asses are on fire, hungering for satisfaction. After Annette has milked her boyfriend’s dick with her tight cunt she urges him to shag her ass. She is insatiable when it comes to horny comholing.

Judith too knows what she wants. With her vaginal muscles she has cooled the heat inside her hot hole within seconds. Spunk runs in torments over her bum cheeks. But the clever brown-haired bird still wants more .. .

With all her might she plunges the non-doctor into her insatiable ass and shags herself until she sees stars. Again and again she slides the rubber prick in and out That makes her randy like hell, and she dreams of a complete army of well-bestowed guys, screwing all her holes one after the other.


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