Sex Match No 19 January 1995

Sex Match No 19 January 1995 (Silwa)
English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Spanish | PDF | 68 pages | 39 MB

Sex Match No 19 January 1995 Porn PDF Magazine From Silwa!

Inside Stories:
I’m a complete failure in maths. But when it comes to screwing I’m the one to teach the crammers. In no time the teachers’ cocks rear up … Oh my, if my parents knew that I rather have my holes filled up than to cram. But I’m yearning for fat fuck tools much more than for knowledge. Spunk tastes better, you know…
It’s such a horny sensation to feel the dongs inside the ass and the quim. And the tongue caressing my sweet clit is going to make me climax. My juices are about to come and flood my smooth cunt lips and my thighs…

A hot wave ran us down the spine as Tanja and I saw Dick standing at the door with his erect prick. We had played our lesbian game only to get him horned on us. And here be was!
Tanja is more experienced in fucking, and I get off on sucking cocks and eating cunts. I love the odour of randy quims. It makes the cunt juices run down my soft thighs!

We were fond of horny Leon. Now my cousin Angelika and I, Evelyn, really wanted to give the guy’s prick the works. No chance for limp dicks, we’ve sworn to ourselves …
Angelika nearly goes bonkers whenever she sees the chance for a decent shag. I can vividly recall a session when she was so hot that she nearly bit off the bloke’s balls. But I’m also about to go mad when I feel this very special itching in my clit and on my thighs. Anyway, letting it all hang out hav-ing a lecherous threesome is the greatest pleasure on earth …


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