Sex Bizarre No 71 December 1999

Sex Bizarre No 71 December 1999

Sex Bizarre No 71 PDF Magazine Wet Sex Games and a Taste of Piss, The World-Famous Wet Sex Magazine From Color Climax! Wet Triangle, featuring Maren Beautte! Urine Lust, featuring Helen Birne! Golden Games – first published in Sex Bizarre 42! Kinky Desires, featuring Dru Berrymore

Although Lisa wasn’t totally Innocent in the ways of sex, she was nervous about visiting Lance for the first time. They had met at a garden party, and after much drinking, flirting and groping, they had enjoyed an all too quick shag In the bushes a kind of wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. Now, here she was, sober, a bit nervous and visiting the handsome fellow for the first time. Lance quickly put her at her ease with some sweet words and sexy suggestions!

The taste of Lance’s thick lance made her purr with pleasure, and she licked and lap-ped at it, pausing only to kiss his balls. And when his cock was as hard as steel, she gasped as he pulled it from her lips and thrust it far up into her tender pussy!

And then, moaning with ecstasy, Lisa shoved her pussy down over his shaft, trying to impale herself on the wonderful instrument. Lance grunted and spun her around, quickly ramming his gigantic prick back into her, trying to make her scream even louder!

Sex Bizarre No 71 December 1999
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 80 Pages | 69 MB


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