Sex Bizarre No 68 March 1998

Sex Bizarre No 68 PDF Getting Drunk at the Pervy Pee Party, The World-Famous Wet Sex Magazine From Color Climax

Pierre was a dissipated – to say nothing of “pissipated” lecher. He often stayed at his cousin’s house in Paris, using it as a hideout when he wanted to avoid a jealous lover, or husband, or outraged father… In addition, his cousin was always employing new maids, and Pierre had no scruples about taking advantage of the domestic help.

Janine – the latest employee – hardly had the time to put down his break-fast-tray, before Pierre gave her a horny leer… “Would you like a hard-job, cherie?” he asked. Before Janine could reply, he whipped his dressing gown open, like a flasher in a park, and added: “Make this soft!” His big, pulsing erection looked very tempting, and Janine simply could not resist the urge to put it in her mouth…

Diedre liked her men to be macho. And Roger had a predeliction for women who reminded him of one of his favourite movie-stars. They were made for each other. Roger liked hunting, shooting and fishing, but when it came to sex, it was more a question of “cunting, shagging and pissing”! Diedre knew that Roger meant to have his way with her when she accepted his…

Sex Bizarre No 68 March 1998
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 84 Pages | 40 MB


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