ScoreClassics Top Poppin' Toppsy Curvey

ScoreClassics Top Poppin’ Toppsy Curvey

ScoreClassics Top Poppin’ Toppsy Curvey In the early 1990s, Toppsy Curvey was making headlines in the sports section of the newspapers because she was chasing baseball players around the diamond trying to score a kiss.

Of Greek-American ancestry, billed at 97ZZZ-24-32 (and at other times 95FFF), Toppsy dubbed herself “The Kissing Babe,” and patterned her baseball hobby after Morganna, “The Kissing Bandit.”

Did Toppsy compare herself to the famous Kissing Bandit?

“I wouldn’t say Kissing Bandit,” said Toppsy. “The kiss of luck. I think any pitcher who gets kissed by me should consider himself lucky.”

“The kiss of death,” New York Post sports columnist Steve Serby once called it.

“I try to do it usually right after the National Anthem, so I don’t disrupt the game,” Toppsy said.

Baseball manager Stump Merrill, who knew Morganna, had his say on the hobby of “strippers running onto the playing field” thing. He didn’t think it was funny. “She’s somebody’s daughter. If it was mine, I’d kick her rear end. That doesn’t mean…

There are girls and then there are the girls you’ve never forgotten despite the passage of time. If you were collecting magazines and tapes of the big-breasted stars back in the day, if you are a longtime big-bust fan, if the names Devon Daniels or Jeannine Oldfield have meaning to you, SCORE Classics is for you.

ScoreClassics Top Poppin’ Toppsy Curvey
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