ScoreClassics Tawny Peaks' First SCORE Pictorial

ScoreClassics Tawny Peaks’ First SCORE Pictorial

ScoreClassics Tawny Peaks’ First SCORE Pictorial. This pictorial of Tawny Peaks was published in July 1993 SCORE. Dave Anthony was the photographer. The layout included an interview conducted by another SCORE Girl, Montana.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Tawny when we were both in Sanibel Island, Florida shooting photo layouts for SCORE,” Montana wrote. “We became instant friends.”

The girls talked about how Tawny was discovered, what she likes to do on-stage, her fantasies and how people react to her when they see her mega-breasts.

“I usually do four shows a day, sometimes five,” Tawny said. “But I’ve been known to hang out at a club all day just because I love meeting new people.”

During the mega-busty years at strip clubs, getting an instant photo with the feature dancers was a tradition for many guys. Tawny took thousands of signed photos over the years. We wonder how many fans saved them.

There are girls and then there are the girls you’ve never forgotten despite the passage of time. If you were collecting magazines and tapes of the big-breasted stars back in the day, if you are a longtime big-bust fan, if the names Devon Daniels or Jeannine Oldfield have meaning to you, SCORE Classics is for you.

ScoreClassics Tawny Peaks’ First SCORE Pictorial
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