ScoreClassics SaRenna Lee Super SCORE Showgirl

ScoreClassics SaRenna Lee Super SCORE Showgirl

ScoreClassics SaRenna Lee Super SCORE Showgirl “I danced quite a bit in school,” said SaRenna Lee. “I love jazz and modeling…I just love entertaining. And I didn’t want to be another struggling actress in Hollywood, waitressing and not doing what I love. I thought maybe this (exotic dancing and nude modeling) could be a real big stepping stone for me to do other fun projects, maybe independent films, so this was my outlet to entertain and do what I wanted to do. And I succeeded, thank goodness.”

SaRenna was asked if she dresses to show off her chest.

“Probably not, out of respect for myself. First of all, women can be brutally cruel, even in front of their children. Men are pretty cool about it. They use their peripheral vision and they’re kind of shy, but woman can be pretty vicious. I’m really sensitive. I probably wouldn’t dress up. I’m pretty low key about it, unless I’m going out with my bosom buddies and we’re going to a place at night, someplace more open-minded. It has to be the right environment, definitely.”

There are girls and then there are the girls you’ve never forgotten despite the passage of time. If you were collecting magazines and tapes of the big-breasted stars back in the day, if you are a longtime big-bust fan, if the names Devon Daniels or Jeannine Oldfield have meaning to you, SCORE Classics is for you.

ScoreClassics SaRenna Lee Super SCORE Showgirl
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