ScoreClassics Sana Fey On The 1997 Boob Cruise

ScoreClassics Sana Fey On The 1997 Boob Cruise

ScoreClassics Sana Fey On The 1997 Boob Cruise
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ScoreClassics Sana Fey On The 1997 Boob Cruise There are girls and then there are the girls you’ve never forgotten despite the passage of time. If you were collecting magazines and tapes of the big-breasted stars back in the day, if you are a longtime big-bust fan, if the names Devon Daniels or Jeannine Oldfield have meaning to you, SCORE Classics is for you.

Flexible and slinky redhead Sana Fey taught fitness classes and was a feature stripper around the USA. This photo set was shot on the deck of the Star Clipper yacht during the third Boob Cruise in 1997. The ship set sail on March 30 from Barbados with 100 readers, 21 models and two dozen SCORE staff members. Sana had no problem wearing sky-high stripper heels around a moving ship day and night.

Sana returned for the 1998 Cruise, the biggest of the five sailings. She was the covergirl of April 1998 SCORE, and because of her exceptional legs, she was also the covergirl for February 1998 Leg Sex magazine. We’d often see her at the adult conventions in Las Vegas, sometimes wearing a large T-shirt and no makeup when she wanted to be incognito and not a sex-bomb being begged to pose for photos with the camera-packing, horny fans.

A SCORE reader emailed us in the summer of 2000 and swore he saw Sana on a goofy F/X TV comedy show produced by Howard Stern called Son of…


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