ScoreClassics Sana Fey Eye-candy For Hard Men

ScoreClassics Sana Fey Eye-candy For Hard Men

Sizzling-hot Sana Fey talked lap dancing and her life on the road during the ’90s with SCORE’s editor. Her home club was in San Diego, California and she traveled to clubs around the USA. This writer once caught one of her shows at a club and adult bookshop called Wild J’s in Las Vegas.

“I’ll make you cum! I give great lap dances. I like to do all the touching. I think it gets men even more excited when a woman takes control. I always tell guys, ‘It’s like dangling candy in front of a little boy.’

“I tip the bouncers so they’ll leave me alone. I like to think if I make a guy cum in his pants, then I’ve done a good job, you know? First, I figure out if he’s a tit-man or an ass-man or what really gets them off.

“I have one regular who really likes his nipples tweaked. For him, all I have to do is rub my tits on his crotch and give his nipples a tug. Other guys, I give them a great rub when they’re hard on my crotch or my ass while I grab their head and shove it between my…

ScoreClassics Sana Fey Eye-candy For Hard Men
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