ScoreClassics Nurse Jezhabelle

ScoreClassics Nurse Jezhabelle

ScoreClassics Nurse Jezhabelle It’s debatable whether looking at naked nurses as stacked as Jezhabelle is good or bad for your health. We’re always on the pro side and consider looking at Jezhabelle’s videos and photo sets a public health benefit.

“I have to tell you, my favorite part of watching porn is the cum shot,” said Jezhabelle.

She was always fun to talk to, an upbeat, fun-loving girl who liked to laugh. She was very funny when she talked about sex, exotic dancing and watching porn. We wish we could find 20 girls like her.

“I have like a thousand tapes under my bed and my favorite part of any scene is when the guy is cumming on her face,” Jezhabelle said. “I love seeing it spurt out and splash all over her face and tits. I swear, I wear my pocket rocket out watching porn. I masturbate every day. Seriously. No bullshit. At least once a day, sometimes two or three times. I swear, I put my pocket rocket right there and–bzzzzz–in like two seconds, I can cum.”

There are girls and then there are the girls you’ve never forgotten despite the passage of time. If you were collecting magazines and tapes of the big-breasted stars back in the day, if you are a longtime big-bust fan, if the names Devon Daniels or Jeannine Oldfield have meaning to you, SCORE Classics is for you.

ScoreClassics Nurse Jezhabelle
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