ScoreClassics Julia Miles German Blonde Bombshell

ScoreClassics Julia Miles German Blonde Bombshell

Julia Miles said she had no hobbies although she did ride a motorcycle. Boobs were her passion. While many of her schoolmates were unemployed or struggling in low-paying jobs, Julia made a living as a model.

Julia also regularly appeared in European editions of SCORE, including the German version, Hot SCORE.

She was a star with American SCORE readers. Was Julia more popular in Germany than in the States or in Great Britain?

“I may be, because I appear on German TV,” Julia said in 2004. “So the German people know me. I have been a guest on many TV talk shows that everyone can see. The German TV news people have been to my home to interview me. This was good because the German people saw SCORE magazine on TV. I am only known in America and England through SCORE magazine and I want to tell you that I am still in shock from winning the SCORE Model of the Year Award. It does not seem like four years since my first trip to…

ScoreClassics Julia Miles German Blonde Bombshell
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