ScoreClassics Good Girl Zuzanna

ScoreClassics Good Girl Zuzanna This photo shoot of Zuzanna was published in March 2000 Voluptuous. She has the good girl peaches and cream look in this pictorial, as she usually did in her solo shoots. When she was doing a hardcore scene, she would turn on her bad girl face. She had this quality of being either wholesome or slutty that went beyond makeup or clothing.

Zuzanna’s body is at its peak here. As time went on and Zuzanna matured, she began to slim down and lose breast weight. By 2004, the change was obvious. Sometimes the reverse happens and a girl gains weight with maturity, especially when they have children.

“I like to be fucked in my ass,” said Zuzanna about her wild oats days. “I do enjoy it so. I think European women love this much more than American women. It feels as good as it does in my pussy. If a man has powerful skill with his cock, sometimes I come harder when he is fucking my ass!”

There are girls and then there are the girls you’ve never forgotten despite the passage of time.

ScoreClassics Good Girl Zuzanna
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