ScoreClassics Friday's First Hardcore

ScoreClassics Friday’s First Hardcore

ScoreClassics Friday’s First Hardcore. Friday is a patient in need of a physical. The SCORE Medical Clinic is famous for female anatomical exams. This is the kind of patient medical students think about when they jerk off. Friday knows exactly what she wants from a medical exam and gives the doctor directions. He examines her pussy with a speculum and her ass with his fingers.

“Like it when I stick it in your pee-hole?” asked Friday as she tongued his cock-head and sucked his balls. What a dirty mouth this girl has, and we say that with admiration.

Friday tells him to cum on her tits, then changes her mind and wants his load in her mouth and on her face. She greedily swallows too, very satisfied with his vaccine.

ScoreClassics Friday’s First Hardcore
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