ScoreClassics Debbie Q Pearl of a Girl

ScoreClassics Debbie Q Pearl of a Girl

Debbie Q. was 20 in May, 1988 when she posed for this photo set. The pearls and colored stocking were very popular with the wardrobe people who worked in men’s magazine photo studios and dressed the girls. Debbie Q. was also called Debby Anne Trent, Debbie Quarry and Debbie Quarrel. During those years, editors at different publishing houses often christened a model with a different name, a practice that makes cataloging a headache.

Debbie Q. was a quiet girl. Her Mum sent Debbie’s photos to the Daily Star newspaper and Debbie was selected to be a “Starbird.” That got everything started. Her mother also helped her make modeling decisions. She didn’t believe that Debbie should pose hot so most of Debbie’s shoots were nude glamour, UK style. She did a lot of boob play, dancing and open leg shots, showing off her foxy furry triangle, but no spread pink. In fact, we’ve never seen a photo of Debbie spreading her pussy open with her fingers, “American-style” as it was called. Possibly some…

ScoreClassics Debbie Q Pearl of a Girl
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