ScoreClassics Bush Baby Belinda

ScoreClassics Bush Baby Belinda Complete Set. Belinda posed at the SCORE studio for barely two years. We haven’t heard from her or about her in over twenty years, which is not unusual. During the 2000s, quite a few readers periodically wrote us asking when Belinda was returning to Voluptuous magazine, but that was not going to happen.

A lot of models seem to literally disappear after their posing days end and, even with the power of the internet, many cannot be found. One reason is a large percentage change their surnames after marriage. The fact is, if a former model wants to shoot again, we’re easy to find.

Belinda’s appeal was summed up by a reader who mailed this letter to our office.

“At age 60, I find that I’m not really sexually attracted to the women in their teens and twenties portrayed in many of the men’s magazines. Perhaps this is as it should be for a man of my age (after all, I have a daughter who’s 34). I’ve come to prefer women who appear to be at least 30, with pretty faces, hirsute, realistically fleshy bodies…

ScoreClassics Bush Baby Belinda
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