Schulmädchen No 64 October 1994

Schulmädchen No 64 October 1994

Schulmädchen No 64 October 1994
English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish | PDF | 68 Pages | 40 MB

Schulmädchen No 64 October 1994 From Verlag SILWA Film GmbH Essen

Whenever Eric does my hair, it ends up with a randy fuck session. We never planned it, but in our passion for lust and desire we’re the same. Of course my lover also takes care of my beaver. I pay for his sexy service in my own way …

I know that he fucks other customers, as well. Why not? So I gave that stud a family size package of French letters. But the naked dong is only there for my juicy pie’s ecstasy. The clit rears up, the cleft is dripping wet, feels like I’m about to come, the balls slap homily against my cunt lips …

I’m like mad. “Harder!” I yell, engulfing the prick with my cunt. I’d bet there is someone peeping through the key hole, but that turns me on even more. Everybody may watch us enjoying the shag uninhibitedly and how I get off on milking the cream from the stand …

“We’ll launch you in a big way!” the boys promised, talking about their connections to the cinemoguls and how easy it would be for them to make a star out of me. But first they wanted to take a closer lock at body. I’ve seen through them from the very first moment!

Launch in a big way! I am into big things, and luckily the boys are no spoil-sports, at all. They’re just horned on a decent fuck. My holes are ready to milk off their tools up to the very last drop. Once I’m in hill swing, nobody can stop me!

It really turns me on when I can do with cocks as 1 please. There are no taboos. The best ideas I get while being flicked. Ass, mouth, or cunt, I can’t tell which is the horniest way for me. If only they shag me from climax to climax and happy me can have a booze of the spunky cocktail in the end!



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