Schulmädchen No 18 August 1986

Schulmädchen No 18 August 1986

Schulmädchen No 18 August 1986
English, German, French, Dutch, Danish | PDF | 68 Pages | 39 MB

Schulmädchen No 18 Including Didi in Lazy Crazy Afternoon, Holiday In Bed, Sex Machine And More …

My girlfriend Engeline and I have met to cram for the English test we’re going to have the day after tomorrow. But of course we’d rather learn everything about the crammer’s giant cock. So it is.
I never lose time when I can get hold of a hard rod and a sticky cunt. So instead of stupid cramming Engeline and I enjoy a decent fuck. A really decent one.

Oh my, I was on fuck cloud nine. My dripping wet pussy gapped open, hungering for any cock on earth. Roger or anyone else could have fucked me now any way he pleased …
What a wonderful taste of sperm the dong has. I’d bet the guy has been watching me while I was having a shover and caressed my clit with soap and sponge!

Roger told me how gently the little bird had taken care of his stand. Hot juices ran over my cunt lips. Now I wanted to be his obedient slave of lust and make his prick explode …


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