Saugeiler Ficksex No 03 September 1979

Saugeiler Ficksex No 03 September 1979

Saugeiler Ficksex No 03 September 1979
English, German, French | PDF | 36 Pages | 24 MB

Saugeiler Ficksex No 03 September 1979 Porn Vintage PDF Magazine by Viola Press Including Ein geiler Fick am Nachmittag, Die saugeile Nutte, CC Models Dolores and Babs in Eine tiefe Negerfutt & Mein Schönster Spritzfick

Hot Sonya squirmed cat-like and excited in her chair. She had already rubbed her pearl-tongue red and now she opened her legs boldly to show me her neat thighs. I rocked her off with my tongue and then brought my cock into full action. I had worked on her front and rear when she took me and mounted me — I had never been laid like that before, and I flooded into her hungry void. She gave herself to me in a variety of shameless positions, emphasising …

Naturally I get my reward for my services —Manuela urged my husband on to take me again, seeing that I have not yet broken the tape, and she lends a skilled hand. He takes me hard and masterful, fucking me like a bull, while Manuela massages his balls until he erupts in me like a stallion in rut. Finally I am sated with this thrusting — but Manuela spots that he is not dry yet. So the two of us caress him until he is stiff again and fill right up on our lover.


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