Sappho Volume 01 No 04

Download Complete Scans Of Sappho Volume 01 No 04 Erotic 70’s Softcore Porn Magazine Black & White Pages Published By Roydock Books London

“Anyway, I have all the rest of the day, Mummy knows where I am, so she won’t worry” Peggy sat on the arm of the chair and gently fondled Linda’s breasts, undoing a couple of buttons so that she could slip her hand inside and touch the warm flesh. “I think the older I get, the randier I get. You’ve been in the room for five minutes, and here I am, ready to commit … ” Linda laughed. “You don’t have to rape me darling, I’m more than ready for you, my knickers have been wet all the way do wn here:”

Peggy slipped her hand up Linda’s dress and caressed the soft velvety zones of her vee, and felt her nipples turn hard in her bra. “How right you are” she whispered, “I think that the sooner we do something about that little spot, the better” She took Linda’s dress off, playing with the girls tits as they came into view, pulling at the nipple until it stood out, firm and rigid. She soon had her knickers away, and her hand started the s low blissful glide in and out of her thighs. Linda sighed and spread her legs. She had waited two weeks for this, and the …

Sappho Volume 01 No 04
English | PDF | 60 Pages | 9 MB


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