Sappho Volume 01 No 01

Download Sappho Volume 01 No 01 Black & White Retro Porn Magazine Published By Roydock Books London From 70’s Retro Porn

Rona slid slowly up and down between Joy’s thighs, moans of pleasure coming from both of them, they moved in unison, their breathing getting more laboured as they quickened their movements. Their climax came together, bodies pressed close as they held each other, and sobbed with relief as their passion spent itself. Joy had never experienced such a surge in her life before. With Jim, she had always thought that her climax’s had been superb, but this was …

Joy was bored. Her boyfriend has gone away on business, and she had nothing to do. She glanced again at the magazine he had left the night before. “Lesbian Frolics”. What rubbish these men read!. She skimmed the pages, casually looking at the pages of naked and semi-naked girls in close embrace. “Whatever possessed girls to act like that” she thought. The mere idea of making love to another girl

She felt a tingling in her loins as she thought of him, he was a perfect lover. Glancing down at the pages she saw the huge breasts of a dark haired girl being kissed passionately by another. “That is what Jim did to me last night” she thought. She stretched slightly her own nipples beginning to ache. The girl certainly had lovely breasts and she seemed to be enjoying the ministrations of her friend. But

Sappho Volume 01 No 01
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