Rustler Volume 01 No 01 (1976)

Rustler Volume 01 No 01 (1976)

Rustler Volume 01 No 01 Vintage Porn Magazine From 70s Featuring Shelagh Harrison as Rhonda Anderson Including Ipswich’s Leggy Nicola, Bristol’s Bosomy Rhonda, Rustler’s Woman Hater Reveals How He Gets His Own Back On Women

Our Rustless, our unquestioned beauty this month, Miss Penelope Scott has, as you can guess, already made a terrific impact on the London modelling scene, at the grand old age of 20 … And it’s not just the ‘glamour’ boys who are on their knees to her for it’s far more likely you’ll come across Penny in, let’s say, less sexy magazines than Rustler. Wearing clothes (unfortunately).

Modelling clothes and fashions, rather than her own beautiful long-limbed body. Why then should this girl from Crawley, Surrey, just down the road from Rustler’s H.Q., with all those overtures coming from New York, Paris and Rome day by day, suddenly decide to strip off to please Rustler readers? It can’t be the money — there’s clearly no shortage of that as far as Miss Scott is concerned.

We don’t know, for example, many girls who hire London black taxis by the day to get around from job to job! ‘Oh, it’s the devil in me’, she says with a giggle, lounging back in her appartment overlooking London’s Hyde Park and opening her legs wider so that you can relish every nook and cranny of this fantastic, faultless female: ‘And conceit.

Rustler Volume 01 No 01 (1976)
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