Rodox No 71 December 1996

Download PDF Magazine Rodox No 71 Big Boobs Gets a Double Fucking, Plus More… Rodox Special Selection, for the Lovers of the Wilder Kinds of Sex

Afredo, a horny Italian fashion designer, had no problems whatsoever when it came to getting into his girlfriend’s pants. Georgina was always willing and ready to fuck. She had a great cunt, but that was not enough for Alfredo, who desperately wanted to get his “salami” buried up to the hilt in her lovely little arsehole… Georgina loved clothes that glittered, and one afternoon, when Alfredo turned up at her apartment with a couple of items from his latest collection, Georgina exclaimed excitedly…

Lucinda and Joanna were looking forward to a weekend of fun and games after a month of active duty. Since they had joined the army, they had become good friends – intimate friends would have been a better description! – and they had nothing against “swinging”, if they lacked male company… Lucinda was relaxing on her hunk, when Joanna suddenly exclaimed “Jesus! I’m feeling horny! How about you?” The sexy mulatto girl gave a knowing smile… Come and find out!” she purred. “Okay, bitch!” Joanna replied. “Get ready for a world of pleasure!”

Rodox No 71 December 1996
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 84 Pages | 147 MB


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