Rodox No 61 September 1993

Rodox No 61 Vintage PDF Magazine Rodox Special Selection, for the Lovers of the Wilder Kinds of Sex From Color Climax.

Being the private secretary to a rich dame can have its “ups and downs” in more than one sense. Gregor discovered this on his first day in the employ of Madame K, or Katrina, as she preferred to be known. She had her own way of getting things done, which Gregor also discovered, when Delphine, her French housemaid, asked Katrine if she could have the afternoon off.

Katrine agreed, but informed the maid with a significant smile, that she would have to perform a special duty in return. Delphine understood just what her mistress was getting at. And the next thing Gregor knew, he was staring open mouthed as the French maid gave her employer a kiss of the same nationality. Gregor’s reaction – apart from amazement – was to get a huge erection…

The sight was too much for Gregor, and when Katrina told him to fuck her again, he began to come almost as soon as he entered her… “Not in me, on me!” she gasped. As Gregor withdrew, his sperm splattered over her cunt… He had wondered if his job would have any fringe benefits. Now, he knew!

They say that “gentlemen prefer blondes”, but as an erection is colour-blind, this statement should not be taken too seriously. Patrick, on the other hand, was no gentleman, but his taste in hair shades definitely leaned towards the fair-haired of the fairer sex… He was bumming around Nice, and living where he hung his hat, or more accurately hung out his prick. Luckily, chicks were very attracted to him, so he had no trouble finding accomodation. Lucille was no exception to his charms, and she…

Rodox No 61 September 1993
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 84 Pages | 441 MB


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