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Rodox No 53 October 1991

Rodox No 53 October 1991 (Color Climax)
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Rodox No 53 October 1991 Nympho Nikki, Loves Big Euro Cocks, Plus Mor. Rodox Special Selection, for the Lovers of the Wilder Kinds of Sex

Marc was a great sentimentalist. He wasn’t the type of guy to whom sex was just a question of “wham bam, thank you, ma’am”, or the kind of character who thinks that love is a simple matter of sexual pleasure without any of the more noble sentiments. Jane was his ideal, his -Miss Right”. She was very receptive to his discreet, rather reserved way of approaching her. Jane had had a few affairs in her time. but they were with the kind of men that liked to feel her. fuck her and forget her. She had nothing against one night stands, but she definitely…

Roy was a naturally witty and charming sort of guy who made friends very easily. His social circle consisted mostly of wealthy, jet-set types, who were always inviting him to parties, or to spend a week or two at their place. So he became a kind of professional house guest. Roy’s charm seemed to have a hypnotic effect on the ladies, which could be quite embarrassing, if the lady concerned also happened to be his host’s wife. Like the time he was staying at the house of one of his latest acquaintances, a very rich clothing manufacturer…


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