Rodox No 24 May 1984

Rodox No 24 May 1984

Rodox No 24 May 1984
English, German, French | PDF | 96 Pages | 154 MB

Rodox 24 getting credit using cunt for collaterail, plus more… Rodox special selection, for the lovers of the wilder kinds of sex

Baron Emile von P, was poor and eccentric. So poor, that his mistress had to double as his house maid! His creditors were losing their patience and he had to find a way to extend his overdraft! Nana, Emile’s lover, knew that their bank manager, Mr Marks was a snob, who’d do anything to get into the social circles the baron moved in, and she hit on a plan of solving his problem and Emile’s simultaneously. She would show him her sexual favours in return for some hard cash!

The two women sat side by side with their legs wide open, whilst Allan stood over them wanking himself off frantically. “Now I’m going to shoot you some cream!” he announced hornily, and it won’t be shoe cream either!” he added with a gasp as he began to ejaculate. The first jets of sperm shot into Florence’s face and mouth, and the remainder landed on Lore’s lips as Allan re-aimed his prick. Both females swallowed it eagerly. Allan was triumphant … Florence hadn’t won – or had she …

The two virile tuckers took Liliane seriously, and decided to give her the “coup de grace” in comfort. And when they did, Liliane screamed so loudly that both Andrew and Thomas were afraid the gardener would hear her through the window, and jump to the conclusion that a murder was being committed! “Co-me on you two … I want your juice …!” she urged them, “Spunk in my face!” she continued pleadingly, “I love it … I love it!” “Whatever you say, princess!” Andrew replied breathlessly as he and his mate ejaculated, putting the finishing touch to her day’s “mischief” …


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