Razzle Volume 10 No 10 (1992)

Razzle Volume 10 No 10 (1992)

Razzle Volume 10 No 10 For Men Vintage Magazine Including Knickers Down In Nottingham!, Home Birds! Meet Our Dirtiest Wives Ever, Helen! She’s Hot, Horny And Back For More!, Come On A Razzle Romp! Join Six Sex Mad Girls In The Flesh!

Featuring Models Like Carla Fernandez Cover Only, Julie Ann (White Stockings) & Tina Moore, Jo Guest as Lisa, Razzle Romp Stephanie Bews as Maxi Austin Suzi Sleaze as Marina Morris Karen Partington as Cherry Datsun Donna Ambrose as Mercedes Bends, Justa Dream as Belinda, Vicky J as Melany, Helen is Helen Hanson, Carolyn Hudson in Girls of Nottingham.

Marina Morris’s Car Wash — well give your hard-top a quick rub up!” That was the sign outside the only garage in Britain where they pump a lot more than petrol. “Whether its a guy needing a nice clean Escort or a girl wanting us to wax her hot hatch, we can handle it!” Marina maintains, and her team of scrubbers are always on call. When we arrived the young bangers were working on a frothy Beetle bonnet but they were more interested in soaping their own bodywork till the bubbles run down their bulging bumpers. “Oooh! This could do with filling!” cried Minnie Cooper. slipping her sponge fingers into a crack on the body. Meanwhile inside. Cherry was twiddling with a rubber knob inside her hooded binnacle as 38 D-reg Maxi lubricated her twin carbs.

Razzle Volume 10 No 10 (1992)
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