Razzle Volume 09 No 03 (1991)

Razzle Volume 09 No 03 (1991)

Razzle Volume 09 No 03 (1991)
English | PDF | 80 Pages | 576 MB

Razzle Volume 09 No 03 Vintage PDF Magazine Published By Paul Raymond Including:
Lucy Rides A Chopper!
Toni Schilleto’s Bra!
We Never Knew There Was So Much In It!
Soaking Special!

Featuring Models:
Lucy Gresty in We Luv Lucy
Toni Shilleto as Toni
Louise Hodges as Liz
Sofia Brättlund as Melanie
Lisa is Liza Edwards.
Charlotte is Ginette Pike

Hi guys! I’m a hit breathless after , my hard ride on the open road! Me and my horny biker Bruce are now the first honorary members of the Hump-at-100mph-Club, and I’ve got the bumps on my little bum to prove it! I have always really fancied strapping lads in their leather gear and I was down my local greasy biker pub the other night when the sexy bloke with the purple knee pads I’ve been after for ages started winking at me from the bar!

After sinking a few drinks I was well-oiled, I can tell you and my Dutch courage was really bubbling up! And not being the type to miss a tune-up, I strolled over and told him confidentially that my engine was in need of a hit of tinkering. He didn’t need to be asked twice! We went out and got on his huge machine. As I slid behind him, this amazing throbbing started between my legs, and it wasn’t just the bike!

I could feel the inside of my leopard skin getting pretty sticky in the crotch, so I did what any sensible biker girl would do, and unzipped it! There was just enough room for me to slip a couple of fingers into my fanny and I didn’t have to move them. The vibrations did it all! By now we were well off the beaten track, and one arm was tightly round Bruce while the other was dipping in and out of my love hole and over my hard little ditty.

The only trouble was that if I took my fingers out of my pussy, the wind whistled in! I wondered if Bruce knew what was going on, but then my hand came across a hard bulge in his leather upholstery, and I realised the vibrations had done a bit of bolt tightening for him too! I was starting to slip and …


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