Razzle Volume 05 No 02 (1987)

Razzle Volume 05 No 02 (1987)
English | PDF | 48 Pages | 104 MB

Razzle Volume 05 No 02 (1987) Vintage Porn PDF Magazine Featuring Debee Ashby Goes Like The Devil, OOOBall Nudists, Sniff A Whiff To Turn You On, Eddie Gets His Army Girl

Featuring Models:
Debee Ashby
Cover (front + back) plus “Home Strip Sandra” = Nikki Randall
Diving girl (p.2) is Jeanette Starion.
“Popular Command” = Sammy Wise
Instant Erections – Antonella = Janie Hamilton
Susan is Annette
Michelle is Julie Carpenter

What else is on the mind of our great crusading newspapers? The moral climate of Britain of course. Quite rightly they have all lambasted Des O’Cockup for allowing his guests to say filthy words on his family-type show. Poor Des, he might have expected that, with the shits all telling us to use condoms when engaging in anal intercourse, he could get away with a little harmless smut.

Not so. He has been condemned by the Dr Jekyll face of the sh!ts — the part of their split personalities that reaches for the smelling salt on hearing the dastardly word ‘ankle’. The word in question wasn’t actually printed by the frightfully proper Sunday Person (perish the thought). We were told it is spelt C…, in one place. And that it rhymes with ‘sock’ in another. Silly Fokkers!


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