Raven Volume 01 No 04 Summer 1971

Raven Volume 01 No 04 Summer 1971

Raven Volume 01 No 04 Summer 1971
English | PDF | 65 Pages | 96.5 MB

Raven Volume 01 No 04 Summer 1971 adult magazine vintage from 70’s with only few pages in color, the rest are all black and white pages.

Sylvia Bayo as Lucienne Camille Scans 54 & 55
Mia Coco as Delsi Lewis Scans 60 & 61

Stories Preview:
From down the way where the nights are gay conies Maria Christian. She’s a Kingston, Jamaica girl, and as sweet as the local sugar crop. Sexier, though. Maria is a nightbird; that is, whenever she’s relieved of her au pair duties (not a bad bird to have flying about the house, eh?) . She’s a determined discotheque goer and, as one might imagine, a terrific dancer. Now, turn the page for Maria in terrific colour.
Maria is in London working as an au pair, but when her time is up she plans to stay and work in a boutique, doing some fashion modelling at the same time. She’s 22 years old.

Maxette is trilingual French and” English and Arabic, and would like to find work somewhere in the world where she can use her languages as well as her beauty. But not in an office, she says. She likes fresh air too much; and is in fact a dedicated nudist. Wonder which club .• she belongs to? Bet its membership is full! More of Maxette overpage, in colour.

Colette looks every bit the showgirl she is: she’s also another one of those girls who thinks stockings and suspender belts are sexier than tights. She loves wild stockings, too. Aissa Sylla, in contrast, is a fashion model, now working in Rome.

A star at the Club Maroco in Milan is Maya Kalokopa, from French Guyana. An extraordinary dancer, Maya expects to come to Raymonds Revue Bar late this year, and thereby raise Londoners’ temperatures several degrees. To raise yours further, turn the page.


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