Rasiert No 04 February 1990

Rasiert No 04 From Silwa Productions Hardcore XXX Porn Vintage PDF Magazine Including Sexy Tickles, Play Mates, Kissing Pink

Shaven cunts make cocks glide up much easier. Claudia enjoys this new sensation and bets that she is ping to milk the very last drop off her friends dongs. Whom is she going to make come off first?

Every saturday the beaver barber turns up at my place. I’m always a little afraid when the cold blade touches my cunt lips. But that bloke has a steady hand and even fondles my clit at the same time …

I’d rather let only shaven cocks get inside my naked cunt. A tight ball bag and a rampant dick without a single hair would certainly be very horny-looking. And the hot touch of a rod without hair!

Where’s my mind going? That guy is about to give me the randiest drink for my quiver-ing quim and I am missing half of the act! Anyway, if I imagine he had a shaven dick! I’m going to get the blade right now!

Every sunday when AU has taken his wife to the movies and Ronny’s girlfriend has gone logging the two studs come and see me. They know I always like to give them a little cup of cunt juices for a booze of spunk.

Rasiert No 04 February 1990 (Silwa Special)
English, German, French, Dutch, Danish | PDF | 68 Pages | 153 MB


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