Private No 110 April 1992

Private No 110 April 1992

Private No 110 April 1992
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 121 Pages | 99 MB

Private No 110 April 1992 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine Featuring Italian Pornstar Angelica BELLA Hardcore & Deborah WELLS, CRISTINA DORIS & RAQUEL, Laura LAMBKIN XXX, Brazilian Slut PERSILA.

As, am a police officer and Kerri, my girlfriend, is employed by the legal office, you will understand why we have to be extremely careful that there is no scandal attached to our private lives, so we limit our outside sexual activities to our annual holidays at our time-share unit in Queensland. Last year as we were driving there we saw two girls hitchhiking. We, of course, stopped and picked them up.

Talking to them we found that they came from Sweden and were called Agnita and Marie Anne and that they had made no arrangements to stay anywhere but intended to find somewhere when they got to a town on an evening. Kerri looked at me and then informed that we had some spare room and they could spend any time that they wanted to over the next three weeks.

That evening we were sat drinking after having showered and eaten. I found myself on one couch next to Agnita and Kerri was on the other next to Marie-Anne. I noticed that Kerri’s hand was resting on Marie Anne’s bare thigh …


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