Private Classics Ginette Via Satellite

Private Classics Ginette Via Satellite

Private Classics Ginette Via Satellite Private’s exclusive magazine archive with the original material published in our magazine from 1965 until today, plus our best porn movies from the last …

Private is a pornographic magazine published by the Swedish publisher and distributor Private Media Group. The magazine is known for its combination of high-quality photography and depiction of sex acts typical of hardcore pornography such as anal sex, an innovation at the time of its creation. The American pornographer Al Goldstein described it as “best porno magazine in the world”.

The magazine was created in 1965 by the Swedish photographer Berth Milton Sr., who initially included his pornographic photographs in erotic magazines, which he distributed in his bookshop in Stockholm. He sold the first issues of his magazine himself to newspaper kiosks, since there was no distribution for such magazines.

Since the mid-1980s, Private has been published in Barcelona, Spain, which was the second largest market for pornographic products after Germany. The magazine became the best-selling pornographic magazine in the world, before losing importance in the course of the digitalization of pornography in the 1990s.

Private Classics Ginette Via Satellite
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