Presenting Heather Christy No 09 (1950)

Presenting Heather Christy No 09 (1950)

Presenting Heather Christy No 09 (1950)
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Vintage Girly Magazine: Presenting Heather Christy – year uncertain, but probably early 1950s. Scanned and color corrected. The latest glamour-girl in the pin-up and figure world. For Photographers and Art With exposure information

There are many varied reasons attributed to models for entering the pin-up and figure modeling field. The reasons given usually are the high rate of pay, the natural endowments of the model, or the chance to get into the “big-time”. There is one top model, however, who uses none of these reasons. She has a completely different reason for taking up the occupation of posing with no clothes on.

She is Heather Christy, who quite frankly admits that her reason for going into this field is simply -“because I like it.” Heather is a healthy, well-built specimen who likes nothing better than to get in front of a camera with a minimum of clothes on.

She has a genuine enthusiasm for her art and makes no bones about it. The vital statistics on Heather are 35-24-35 in the bust, waist and hips respectively. She has dark red hair. Most of her posing costumes have been designed and made by herself. Her favorite outfit consists of black lace panties and half-bra, a combination waist-pincher and garter belt, opera length black hose and elbow-length black kid gloves.

Dedicated to her profession, Heather has an appropriate hobby – collecting photos of herself. Because of her hobby, she is probably the most accomodatinf model in the country. She might be described as the answer to a photographers dream – in the flesh. .. .


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