Pleasure No 76 June 1987

Pleasure No 76 June 1987

Pleasure No 76 June 1987
English, German, French, Dutch | PDF | 101 Pages | 110 MB

Pleasure No 76 June 1987 Download PDF Magazine Vintage For Adults Only!

Inside Magazine Stories:
“… Any man would behave like a bull, if he had my fanny this close in front of his face, like a piece of a red cloth rmoans DENISE, because the waiter is busily “working” over her luscious cunt with both his fingers and his tongue! “… Aaaaaah, aaaaaaah !” With a loud scream that gets the envious attention from a woman at the next table, DENISE feels the waiter’s tongue “homingin” on her so heated clit! “… Ooh, this waiter is really fantastic ! … He knows exactly what is needed for “starters”. before he fi-nally starts serving the “main course”! … And the “dessert” is sure to “come “by itself at the end… ! ”

“Now that is indeed an appetizing sight!” ROMY is enviously watching her girl-friend, who is gulping down portion after delicious portion of the waiter’s semen ! -“I’m afraid you’ll have to seek your “service “elsewhere, for the fellow doesn’t have anything left in him 1”, DENISE explains to her. – “Unfortunately, I think I must agree the waiter says while cleaning his prick with a napkin. “I fear I can’t “serve “two ladies one right after the other ! .. But why don’t you go to the kitchen ?’,’ he suggests to ROMY, “The way I know the two cooks, they’ll be more than de-lighted to satisfy your giant “appetite”!”

“Your little honey-pot looks like it’s open wide enough to be able to stand a few powerful thrusts “The cook has placed ROMY on-to her back —and takes a closer look at her tempting twat! “But if you insist, I suppose I could ease up on you a bit, since I’d hate to wear you out! “He then fuck using shorter strokes. — “Oh, wonderful !”, ROMY moans.

“That’s a true woman of pleasure! “The second cook has freed his prick from his pants and walks over to the couple. “No” slam, barn, thank you ma ‘m” for this little lady !.. Here, let me show you how she likes it ! “He holds out his dick and lets ROM Y nibble on it a bit ! — “You mean she 71 “come “quicker if I poke her more slowly !’,’ his colleague asks. —”The tempo isn’t important at all —and don’t get the idea your cock is something special. The only thing that really matters in such a case is being able to find the right “rhythm’: Move out of the way and give an expert a chance to demonstrate!”


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