Pleasure No 43 December 1981

Pleasure No 43 December 1981

Pleasure No 43 From 80s Porn Vintage Magazine Number One In Excitement For Adults Only! Download Many More Issues From This Title And Other Adult Magazines For Free

“Aaaaaaaaaah !” Katja lets herself fall to the side, as if she were trying to escape from his prick. “I… I think I’m coming !” Needing support, she reaches for his hand, and holds on to it tightly. “OK !” Eberhard pounds it into her with all his power, “now you are going to come ! Go ahead ! “Aaaaah !” Katja puts her other hand around Eber-hard’s tool and lets it slide through her fingers. “It just won’t let up till something’s happened !”, she says… “Come !” Eberhard doesn’t give up. “Come !” “Uuuuuiiiih !” Katja topples over like a tree that has been felled. Her body trembles! “I’m coming !”

For a while, they enjoy a rest; then Eberhard is ready to “stir things up” again “Why don’t you put on your gift and show it to me !” “It’ll be my pleasure !” Katja puts on the attractive underwear. She delicately steps back and forth across their room, turning gracefully like a trained model. “I hope you are pleased !” Eberhard is visibly over-whelmed “Man, you’ve got another hard-on !” Katja doesn’t believe her eyes, and reaches for his prick. “To think that that excites you so much !””Enough talking !” Eberhard pulls down her panties!

Pleasure No 43 December 1981
English, German, French, Dutch | PDF | 108 Pages | 122 MB


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