Pleasure No 178 June 2004

Pleasure No 178 PDF Porn Magazine Number One In Excitement Five Sinful & Horny Stories

Michaela and Peter are celebrating the moving into a new apartment their own way. Michaela presents herself in a very sexy white dessous. Peter is lying on the mattress, standing in the middle of the empty room. The little wild cat is ready to spend a sinful night with her lover and also Peter is getting horny as he looks at her ass.

While Michaela is holding her hand in front of Peter’s eyes, she frees his dick out of his much too tight jeans. She realizes that his cook has not reached optimal size, and tenderly starts to lick his glands. Thus, Peter cannot resist any longer.

Horny because of this piquant sucking attack Peter wants to increase her desire. Without any warning he stuffs her pussy and her asshole with his fingers and sucks her sweet clitoris.

Now I think it is my time to get satisfied my two heroes. That little respect I can expect. With a lot of tenderness you should lick my sweet clit and naturally one of you can take care of my breasts-she announces. For this kind of wishes the boys got open ears, and so they take the chance to get her in the perfect mood for a wild and heavy fuck.

Pleasure No 178 June 2004
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 116 Pages | 51 MB


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