Pleasure No 119

Pleasure No 119 Number One In Excitement Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Including Steh Party Plus More

“Ship ahoy, there ..!” GLORIA is standing on the landing stage and watches her new acquaintance from the previous evening…They met in a discotheque, and after a good time together he invited her for an outing in his boat. “…It’s really hot today!” She has just bought a stylish sailor’s jacket in a boutique, and now she pulls the lapel open,… because she is feeling so hot. “Welcome on board!” says PETER. “..But first you must take off your shoes! I’ll give you a pair of sneakers —so you don’t drill any holes in my wooden deck with your stiletto heels ..!”

“A very interesting observation …!” And when she gets herself seated in the cockpit,… PETER starts the engine and steers his yacht out of the harbour ….Suddenly , GLORIA places her hand over his fly , as if wanting to make sure that everything is “ship-shape”! “..So you’re a smart man who would never dream of insulting a woman!” — “Certainly not an attractive woman!” PETER replies. “…Because if there is any “drilling” to be done , I’ d really be a fool not to let my cock do the work! That’s something you can be sure of!”

Pleasure No 119
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 105 Pages | 56 MB


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