Pink No 14

Pink No 14

Pink No 14
English, German, Dutch, Spanish | PDF | 86 Pages | 138 MB

Pink No 14 Vintage Porn Magazine PDF. Pink is published regularly In January, March, May, July, September and November. All rights reserved on entire contents, including title.
Featuring Big Tits Blonde Pauline HICKEY – Janet LITTLEDOVE XXX, Pornstar Desiree COUSTEAU Hardcore, Alban CERAY fucking busty black girl, Natalie MORIN, mature blonde fucked in her luxury car, Buck ADAMS …

“This sure is a super collection you’ve brought me. Nice toys for me to play with. Here’s a squirting vibrator,… looks randy, just like the real thing, but without balls and no hair. I’m going to try it out right away My cunt is wet already. Push it into me fuck me with it. Aah this feels great. Like getting fucked by your prick!”

“Yees. now the double prong. It’s really thick. As I can see. you’ve already got a hard-on in your pants. Oh, yes, it’s a mighty erection you’ve got there. But I only want your prick to watch while you fuck me with the rubber dildo!”

Not even half an hour ago, Corinne was still seated in a jet airliner that was circling over LAX airport. And now she is sitting in his red Corvette. “What is up why are you stopping?” — Tye got a present for you!”


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