Pfui No 02

Pfui No 02 International Full Color Vintage Porn Magazine Published Probably In 1981 By Aquarius Verlag

Restlessly she tries on the easy-chair various positions. Her phantasy is working so intensively that she has to wank herself again and again. With lust she stretches her voluptuous but strong ass and moves it like an irri-tated male goose. Than again she pulls merciless on the lips of her pussy. Than she starts groaning to wank. It is impossible for a strong long prick to get inside her. But the visionary fucker takes her like a push cart and piece for piece he is coming deeper and deeper.

Widely she openes her legs over the sides of the easy-chair. To help him she pulles the flesh of her ass apart to get her hole big enough and so she gets spouted. Angrily she stares at the imaginary fucker. For a punishment he has to lick her greedy little puss, be-cause he had shot too early. She is wanking her clitoris intensively, weeping and whincing, groaning and crying and at least with enormous waves she ejaculates imagining to beeing filled by the sperm of an phantasy cock.

Pfui No 02
English, German, Dutch, Italian | PDF | 84 Pages | 129 MB


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