Perversitäten Parade No 06 August 1997

Perversitäten Parade No 06 August 1997

Perversitäten Parade No 06 High Class Porn Vintage PDF Magazine Published By Silwa Company For Adults Only

What a thrilling situation when Leo and Ralf caught Bettina and myself right in the act during our lesbian jaunt. In a jiffy their cocks were stiff. We just had to help ourselves. Coated with the juice of Bettina’s slit and ass, the dongs of the lovers are gliding deep into my greedy holes. That’s what I call the spell of lust!

Look! Who’s pushing so hard now? I do believe that both of you love to fuck my ass and pussy! Anyhow, but don’t try to wear out my arse with the two cocks of yours! To me it seems as if you would eat only the spread of the sandwich! Come on now nicely, one after the other! And give me the mayonnaise of your balls…!

Such a thing will only happen to me! I just wanted to find out whether they had finished repairing my auto-bike. Then the boys got me involved in a chat, and my pussy started itch-ing. That’s the way it goes usually in a porn-movie. I am very fond of such a leading role. My girlfriend’s going to be all eyes…!

Perversitäten Parade No 06 August 1997
English, German, French, Dutch | PDF | 68 Pages | 90 MB


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