Penthouse Australia June 1981

Penthouse Australia June 1981 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine Featuring Astral Sex, Dick Smith, View From The Top, Flesh Parade, Feminist View Of Sex

The first place we hit was a low class bar about the size of an Australian kitchen in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district. It was run by two middle-aged spinsters, both in their late forties, who put their savings together a few years back to invest in the lucrative night scene of Tokyo. The elder of the two, a slim, diminutive, bespectacled motherly type was standing behind the counter topping up a glass of mizuwari (whisky-water) for a salaried worker who was perched on the bar stool, his hand supporting his chin as he related in slurred, boy speech the trials and tribulations of his day.

The other, a large, big-breasted woman whom the customers, mostly regulars. have dubbed Takamiyama after a famous sumo wrestler, was sitting behind us on the couch, temporarily extricating herself from the groping fingers of an elderly man with his hand down her bra to light Sengoku’s cigarette. Sengoku leant forward to accept the light, and chuckling loudly, impishly tweaked the lady’s unoccupied nipple. I shuddered. “You call this fun?” I asked, a bit put out. “Yaaaaa!” He swallowed a burp and explained the system. On a typical night out he and the boys will first hit a bar like this one to engage in erotic talk with the Mama san (Bar Mothers) for stimulation. After the erotic talk, someone in the group will suggest they move on to a pink cabaret, or feeling bar “as you foreigners might call it.” I suggested we go. “You must be kidding,” he protested. “They won’t let you in; you’re a woman, a foreigner.” I reminded him of our deal.

Penthouse Australia June 1981
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