Peaches Special No 11 (1975)

Download PDF Porn Magazine Vintage Peaches Special No 11 Published In 1975 Featuring Models Like Darlene English Cover & Scans, Mary Penny, Elaine Collins And More …

I must confess that first, very enjoyable, bi-sexual experience with Sue in the Channel Islands prompted some pretty heavy soul searching. Was I in fact a lesbian in the guise of a normal heterosexual housewife? I tried very hard to evaluate the kind of pleasure I felt with Sue against that of lovemaking with my husband. Ultimately I decided that sex with another woman wasn’t better — just different.

The only way to test that conclusion was a repeat performance. So, a few weeks later when Mike mentioned vaguely knowing a certain young lady who (it was rumoured) found guys and girls equally attractive, it was I who suggested they cultivate the relationship. Each day he brought me a progress report of how his ‘chatting up’ was going. They had lunch together, then dinner — after which he came home looking like the cat who’d got the cream!

“The rumours were right!” he announced. “Not only does she screw like a rattle-snake but just as I was leaving her place, I’d already dropped a few tit bits about our Jersey weekend, she said ‘Isn’t it a pity your wife wasn’t here tonight to join in.’ Jill, I think we’ve found a candidate for our threesome!” “You sure she wasn’t just being sarcastic?” “No of course not. You see I asked if she’d like to have dinner with us next Friday but she turned the invitation around — she wants us to go to her place instead.” The following six days dragged terribly. On the Friday afternoon I spent an hour luxuriating in the bath before keeping my hair appointment.

Peaches Special No 11 (1975)
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