Peaches Special No 03 (1975)

Peaches Special No 03 (1975)

Peaches Special No 03 (1975)
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Peaches Special No 03 The Only British Magazine That Caters Exclusively For Devotees Of Really Huge Breasted Women.

I know that Peaches Special No 03 is what you all enjoy because so many of you have written to tell me so. We’re bringing out a Special every two months now, so that you can be sure of more really big girls, more features on the subjects you like and of course colour pages of extra special bosomy beauties.

In this issue I’ve told you something about myself, and what I like, so don’t forget to write and tell me of your favourite experiences. After all, I’m a big girl myself so I understand men who like girls like me. We’ve found some truly large girls for this Special, and I think you’ll agree we’ve proved it isn’t only American girls who can really breast the tape in a big, big way.

Congratulations on Peaches Special, the larger format is very welcome and the girls are delicious. A magazine devoted to huge breasted women has been needed for ages. The skinny women in most ‘girlie’ magazines I find very boring. Their idea of big breasts is pathetic compared to the beauties you find. My cousin has a fifty inch bust. I have been watching her develop. At eleven she already had quite big breasts.

They squeezed out of her bra on all sides. She kept buying new bras, first C cup, then D cup. Now she is seventeen and a 50″ D cup! Her breasts are so big that the whole of her chest is taken up by them. She came over recently with her parents. We met in the hall and as she looked at me I knew what was going to happen. We slipped quietly …


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