Peaches Shavers No 03 (1989)

Peaches Shavers No 03 (1989)

Peaches Shavers No 03 Porn 80s Magazine Vintage PDF Featuring Trinity Loren Cover & Scans, Clyda Rosen, Debbie Jordan, Nicky Stanton, Faith Rankin, Maxine Locke

You know, you are incredible, Suzanne,” eulogized Chepa as she carelessly prodded and flipped my aching love-button back and forth with her fingertip. Not only have you got the most amazing tits and nipples, you’ve also got absolutely the biggest clit of any woman I’ve ever met. And believe me, I’ve seen some outstanding minges. It really is like a little prick — so long and thick and hard and juicy.

Its almost long enough to wank.” As if to demonstrate that she wasn’t indulging in mere hyperbole, Chepa pinched the randy stalk of flesh bet-ween two fingers and started to toss it off, vigorously pumping it up and down and rolling it round and round in its own savoury juices. I cried out: part shriek, part moan — a strange, disembodied sound filtering up from the bowels of Hell were adulterers, perverts and other assorted sexual miscreants are eternally and appropriately punished for their vile and sinful incontinence. Fireworks were exploding and lighting up the inside of my head.

Peaches Shavers No 03 (1989)
English | PDF | 68 Pages | 116 MB


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