Peaches Shavers No 01 (1989)

Peaches Shavers No 01 (1989)

Peaches Shavers No 01 (1989)
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Peaches Shavers No 01 wet action and shaving pussy.

It was my own carelessness entirely that had resulted in my car’s becoming bogged in the dry sand. Wheel tracks made by other vehicles seemed to imply that it was a firm surface on which I could turn, but my spinning rear wheels were adequate proof that it was not! I had driven down the largely overgrown track between the rainforest trees towards a small creek shown on the map that looked as if it might lead to the area I was seeking. I had been contracted by a local agricultural company to locate a stand of tea bushes known to have been abandoned in the district at the start of the century.

Despite my best efforts at trying to give the rear wheels a grip by forcing tree branches beneath them, the car refused to budge and dug itself deeper into the sand. Finally I gave up, cursed my stupidity and admitted I would have to seek help to pull the car out. Fortunately, about half a mile before I had turned off the highway onto the track, I had passed a banana farm from where I guessed I would be able to phone a local service station for a tow truck.

It was hard to know which end of me was under the greater strain — my breathing was deep as I struggled for air in the depths of Sue’s incredible cleavage while trying to lick and suck the distended globes; my cock was straining to its utmost to reach as great a length and thickness as possible to enjoy the attention of Jo’s mammoth chest things. Then they changed the nature of their ‘attack’. I was aware of Sue clambering onto the divan and moving her tit-load down towards my chest, where she brushed erect teats against my own hard nipples and I stared up first at a deep navel, then at a lightly haired pubic patch.


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