Peaches Photo Gallery No 02 (1981)

Peaches Photo Gallery No 02 (1981)

Peaches Photo Gallery No 02 (1981)
English | PDF | 68 Pages | 86 MB

Peaches Photo Gallery No 02 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine From 80s Featuring Models Like Arianne Mills

Hi there, This is a unique book, as every colour page features a beautiful, huge bosomed girl. All 68 pages are in vivid colour, and every girl has been personally selected by me as being big and sexy enough to appear in these pages. I know just how exciting the 44++ bust measurement is, being a big, bouncing girl myself, and that’s why I have taken great pleasure in choosing the girls for your own photo gallery.

It is a book for you to keep and enjoy, choosing your own favourite girl, comparing her heavy-weight tits with the other sexy ‘sisters’ in the book. We’ve crammed over a hundred full colour photos into the gallery, to make sure that you never tire of the amazing selection of magnificent mammaries. The female breast is the symbol of woman, and there cannot be a healthy male anywhere who’s not turned on by a generous breast size. The more bosom inches there are, the greater the turn on for you.

Peaches Photo Gallery doesn’t waste your time like other picture books of girls, we wouldn’t consider any woman with average size tits, only the biggest are good enough for you. Included in your photo gallery are big girls from Britain, and many other busty beauties from all over the world. Some of them you’ll have seen and enjoyed before, while others are displaying their eye catching breast inches for the first time. I know you’ll be happy to have bought the best breast collector’s book on sale today.


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