Peaches No 72 (1994)

Peaches No 72 (1994)

Peaches No 72 (1994)
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Peaches No 72 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine From 90s. The Girl in the Sunnies Is Tracey West , and Next Along Is Natalie Banus in the Red Bikini Bottom

Quickly stretching out face down on the padded table the woman turned her pretty head towards me, her pointed tongue flicked left and right across her glossy lips. “You can’t keep calling me Miss Soames, my name’s Celia, what should I call you?” Again, just her soft tones brought a series of spasms to my swollen testicles. “Tony, my name’s Tony, Celia.” She turned her face away.

“That’s better, now, give me the works, I want it all.” “I must undo your towel Celia.” I waited for her permission but she didn’t reply so, with shaking hands, I untucked the wrap and eased the two ends apart. More and more of the beauties’ golden skin was exposed, eventually when the towel lay crumpled on the couch beside her I stood admiring her full curves.

Resting her head on her folded arms caused Calia’s back to arch upwards, it curved elegantly from neck to the swell of her bottom. Her buttocks were plump, round and smooth as silk, I longed to stroke them but instead rubbed, kneaded and pummeled my way from her trim waist up to her shoulders. While I worked my attention was drawn to her tits, the giant spheres were crushed beneath her, they bulged out sideways from her torso. I managed to brush my finger tips lightly along their fat curves as I massaged along the sides of her slender back, my lurching prick slammed against the table’s edge making me grunt.

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