Pascha No 10 April 1981

Pascha No 10 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Published By Verlag Hans Moser Including Laurie Smith in Pack das Glück am Schwanz, Beautiful Loni Sanders as Gina, Mette in Her first lesson in love, Ein Abend mit Susanne.

And with it she is always the perfect lady, never vulgar or out of place. She is self-assured and not without pride, a direct approach will get you now-here with her. Its not the length of the prick that matters with her, but rather the appearance and manner of approach. Those men whose brains are activated now and then are given priority

Not that she gives too little precedence to sexual things, but as one says, in her opinion a personality doesn’t just start somewhere beneath the belt. We have already spent hours together, interesting, varied and erotic hours.

Sex with her is an art and is full of impulsiveness. She says quite openly what she thinks and expresses her wishes. In a relationship, she does not expect the man to play the role of a hero. One sim-ply surrenders to one’s feelings, allows onesself to swim with the tide and enjoys it. And her sweet pussy can be enjoyed, believe me. She is built extremely narrowly, confining enormously a penis and as for her hands, her hands are really the devil’s instruments. Admit it, you lot! You too are just dying to meet her!

Pascha No 10 April 1981
English, German, French, Dutch | PDF | 100 Pages | 135 MB


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